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They lied to me. I tolerated the stalling, the outrageous recommendations, all in an attempt to get an exam and cleaning.

They did the X-rays, had the hygienist look, then the dentist. After the dentist left, I was left to wait nearly an hour. When I asked why it is taking so long, they said they were verifying with insurance. I already verified insurance would cover the cleaning.

Then they sent in another person, after nearly an hour of waiting. This person told me my insurance wouldn’t cover anything. Then she said the only thing would be a polish. She said they would not scale my teeth in the cleaning.

But she put a huge bill on the tv screen to show for $800 they could give me a scaling of my teeth. That was it, I left. Clearly, they are a scam, attenpting to get me to sign up for a huge cleaning. She lied and said my insurance would not cover a scaling.

The hygienist defended the ‘insurance person’ who told me insurance wouldn’t scale my teeth, hygienist said the other person was confused, she didn’t know the difference between polish & scaling. So now, my insurance is billed for X-rays & exam, but I didn’t get a cleaning. I will have to pay for a cleaning out of pocket due to being lied to and stalled. She said they will forward my X-rays, that is yet to be seen.

Wasted over two hours and didn’t get my teeth cleaned. Got a recommendation for multi phase plan that is over $3600. Do not trust these people.

I will not let them inside my mouth ever again. Who knows what sort of damage they might inflict in an attempt to get your money and waste your time?

Product or Service Mentioned: Immediadent Dental Cleaning.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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